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  2. 1、About HPXIN:

            Established in 1999, Shenzhen Haipengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech and leading enterprise specialized in the research and development, manufacture and sale of surge protection and intelligent power distribution products and Telecommunications Power products, Outdoor Cabinet Products. Our company was formerly known as Shenzhen Micro Haipengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. Our company was changed to joint-stock company as a whole in 2008.

    2、Core Idea:

            Adhering to technology first and scientific management, HPXIN is committed to protect the safety of the human social production and living in order to achieve international first-class brand.
            Based on the principle of "Integrity and win-win", we provide customer with high quality products and best quality service.
            Personal self-development platform provided is the development power of HPXIN, more professional and excellent is the forever goal of HPXIN.

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